Customer: SKUCON

Initiative: Create a giveaway product that reinforces event and holds brand integrity

Strategy: Event Based Giveaway Solution

YourCo. offers exclusive, full package product we guarantee is the best for the price. In the case of SKUCon however, some opportunities are too good to pass up. For CommonSku’s semi-annual conference, esteemed blank wholesaler, Sanmar, provided garments for sponsorship in swag bag giveaways. Since YourCo. is an active participant in the CommonSku community, we were very honored to be asked by SKUCON to use our altering processes. We transformed Sanmar’s basic blanks- DM106L, DT6000, DT1100, and DT190 through color-blocked all over print pockets, over the zipper printing, and Butter Wash. The result was the softest product known to man. This was quite out of the ordinary, but a proud moment in YourCo. history.   YourCo. designed a private label showcasing this unique partnership, and took it a step farther with a QR code sewn into the garment. CommonSku is a technology based platform, so we wanted to reinforce this on the product. When scanned, the QR code opened a video detailing the process of how the garments were made!

Check out the video!

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