Our private label strategy lets you to break the routine by offering your clients something competitors can’t.

Co-branding is appropriate when you intentionally position yourself with an iconic brand name, such as Nike or Polo, because it clearly elevates your brand simply from association.

Most of the time co-branding doesn’t make sense. It’s important to be selective as distributors have access to other brands with relatively similar stature, inventory, and logistics leaving you only to compete on price.


Private Label Shows Clients:

• The Garments Are Custom-Made

• The Garments Are Directly From the Brand They Are Supporting

• You care about quality


For example, a garment made for Pepsi with a logo on the front and a random label on the inside feels like a mass produced t-shirt, one that someone might wear once and leave in a drawer until it’s time to mow the yard. A garment with a Pepsi logo on the front AND in the neck elevates itself from a souvenir t-shirt to a Pepsi lifestyle tee, straight from the brand itself. Investing your money into private label clothing is investing money into the brand’s future. You could make the case that the smallest print has the biggest impact.

Lifestyle tees work like walking billboards, advertising the brand and garnering brand awareness.