The top supply chain in the country never sleeps, certainly not on soft. So after establishing a whole new category called Private Label, we have added Butterwash Technology to our menu.


We broke ground on TTYCOON’S wet processing facility in 2013.

Wet processing, by definition, includes all types of enhancements done to fabric that requires water. So reactive, sulfur and pigment based dying are all possible in our wet processing division and so is softening.

While its not so easy to show soft its very easy to feel soft. So we put our fabric engineers and chemists to work with a clear mandate; make everything as soft as possible. Take horrible, rough, inexpensive, give-a-way tees and make them acceptably soft. Now, we can make average tees feel expensive and have pushed our nicest tees beyond soft. They’re softer than you’ve ever imagined. And why not? Soft sells.


Long story short, due to overwhelming popularity, our shiny new operation is now called The Butter House.

We can’t tell you what it is, of course, or how it’s done, but if you need a quick answer its three sticks Parkay, leaving no margarine for error.

What it really represents, is another significant, competitive advantage that an authorized distributor of our product enjoys.

We have since evolved Butterwash Technology from random application by individual order to its own merchandising category called The Butter Collection.

But that's a whole other story....