Consider a Brand's "Quality of Exposure"

Not all tees are created equally, and quality is great determinate. When you promote your business with the cheapest garment available, you have to think about how it effects the way your brand is perceived. When someone receives out a co-branded, rough, unfitted t-shirt, printed with generic artwork, and heavy handed inks, it’ll probably end up being lost in the bottom of their drawer- that is, when it’s not being worn to mow the law. Sure, the cost of the tee was cheaper, but what about the return on investment? Are you seeing any return on exposure? Consider a brands “quality of exposure”. At T-Tycoon, we use the closet versus the drawer analogy to measure how many times a garment is exposed to the target audience

Garments That End Up In The



• Receive About 0-5 Wears

• Worn Around the House

• Are Only Exposed to Family and Friends


Garments That End Up In The

- Closet -


• Receive About 20+ Wears

• Worn Around Town, Proudly Endorsing the Brand

• Act as a Walking Billboard.


Let’s do some easy math. Consider a low-quality souvenir tee that costs $5. It’s worn out of the house about 5 times on average making the cost per impression $1. Now consider a high-quality lifestyle tee that costs $10. However, this tee is worn out of the house 20+ times, making the cost per impression only $.50. The cheaper options always seem more enticing, but you’ll be wasting your money in the long run if the garment isn’t being exposed to your target audience.

At T-Tycoon, we ensure the highest quality garments. By using soft hand inks rather than heavy hand inks, soft made-to-fit blanks instead of rough unfitted blanks and offering on trend designs rather than generic designs, T-Tycoon provides clients with their new favorite garment- not just another cheap promo tee.We break the routine and guarantee to elevate any brand by moving the investment and ROI from the drawer to the closet. Investing in a quality garment is investing in your brand.