At T-Tycoon, we created a process we call the Butter Wash.
Our proprietary process makes carded cotton feel like ring-spun cotton, makes ring-spun feel like a tri-blend, and tri-blends feel…



Butter Washing is unique softening process developed for basic fabrics by the YourCo. chemists to make an inexpensive garment feel equally soft, if not softer, than the quality of a tri-blend. While you see the most improvement in softness on ring-spun fabrics, you can Butter Wash just about any fabric to enhance it’s softness. Even graphic prints and embellishments can be Butter Washed. One touch of a Butter Washed garment, and you won’t want anything else.

Our Butterwash...

• Add-On #26

• Can be applied to as few as 72 pieces.

• Makes Fabrics Wrinkle Resistant.

• Stops Garments From Shrinking During Future Washes.

• Only $1.90 per S/S Tee

• Allows You to Choose Your Level of Softness


The unrivaled softness of a Butter Washed garment maximizes your Return on Exposure. Butter Wash makes garments feel extremely high-quality, moving them from the drawer to the closet. Our Butter Washed garments will be the most comfortable items in your audience’s closet, ensuring they are worn frequently. Realize your ROI potential. Stop wasting money on souvenir shirts and start making your audience’s new favorite lifestyle tee.