Pantone or PMS Color Matching Garments

If you were to approach your casual garment purchasing like a clothing brand professional, you may start by establishing one core piece that practically every human owns...a crew neck tee. You would want to private label a custom silhouette and use fabric targeted for your intended audience. You may roll it out into the other basics... a tank top, sweatshirt or hoodie. The final touch would be to custom dye the piece into your primary Pantone Color so you’re building the foundation of your brand aesthetic from the ground up.


You would never purchase a pre-branded, blank shirt unless there was simply no other option.

In that scenario you’re essentially co-branding with any company who’s in the blank business. The main problem is everyone has access to purchase that same item, in the same color, in the same time frame, and at the same price as you!

You the competition.

You’re now forced to compete on price alone. The only bargaining chip you have left is your margin.

Our sales agents never have that problem.

Also, not one of those brands add value by association. Why would anyone foot the bill for someone else’s marketing? That’s essentially what your doing when you leave someone else’s name in the neck. That‘s the garment’s second most valuable piece of real estate behind the front. That space should always be occupied by the brand actually paying for the garment.

Also, what happens when the competition tries to compete with you by quoting a similar garment?

Where would they get a custom tee? And how long would it take to get? Could they even get as little as 144 of them? How would they professionally dye them? Would it be piece dyed or garment dyed? Would they even have those  options? Would they even know the difference? Can the garment be printed using only waterbase or discharge inks to preserve all that softness you just fought for?

The answers to most all those questions will be no, I don’t know, and I doubt it.

None of this matters if you don’t have a solid option. You would be hard pressed to find another supply chain capable of delivering these types of programs.

We shipped millions of custom dyed and PMS match garments last year, and we are looking to dramatically increase that number this year. It‘s an every day process for us. We run these types of programs for many of the top brand names you know and love. It’s one of the best programs you can run. Repeat some colors, switch others up on a regular basis and you have one concept that checks all the boxes and will become an annuity for any large account.


The private label and branded color palette speak to you and your aesthetic. Simply print your brand icon, lockup, or tagline in a tonal color. This makes it wearable by most everyone. It becomes a true walking billboard instead of ending up in a drawer or worn while mowing the lawn. You’ll find no one quits their own brand.

Print only in waterbase or discharge inks to provide the softest hand possible. You’re not going to want to print with plastic (plastisol) inks.

Butterwash the garment for the softest printed shirt known to man. This means it becomes a go-to piece that’s worn all the time by everybody. That’s how you represent your brand.

Expand into other silhouettes as seasons or taste require.

T-Shirt Tycoon is the best option for all of your PMS Match program needs.