The smallest print can have
the biggest impact.


gildan, next level, comfort colors ( insert name here) are of course thrilled you would be willing to pick up the tab for a nice chunk of their marketing budget... but when do you ever feature another company’s branding on your product or in advertising? Even the brands above concede that fact by using tear-away labels. that’s why we always we include a custom tagless private label on every item that leaves one of our facilities.

people just overwhelmingly prefer product of, and by, the brands they support, so we devote a 3 x 3 area in the open neck position to the label style and text of your choice. use one of our existing templates, a design of your own, or one that we custom create for your brand or situation, all just part of the package.


Here's what you can customize
with a 3" x 3" Imprint Area

Your Icon/Logo/Wordmark
Company Tagline(s)
Social Media Hashtags
Established Date


Infuse brand DNA into ever yproject with a custom tagless private label

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