Let’s take a look at a working, large scale LTO program. With our iconic client, Buc-ee’s, we pre-established a calendar of events throughout the year defined as “able to build a product around”- this translates directly into retail sales.

In the case of the Buc-ee’s Fun Store brand, this meant a significant amount of product needed to be produced. T-TYCOON writes the custom copy and creates the themed & branded graphics related to each target date or event. We embellish them in various techniques on private labeled, USA made garments directly from our mills or custom made in one of our cut and sew factories, either domestic or off shore.

T-TYCOON is not just another pretty face… we back up all that pretty with tough, no nonsense production. We are one of the very few ISO certified companies in our industry, meaning we meet very high manufacturing standards. So upon brand approval, we execute, stock and full the garment across the entire chain for the life of the program.

That means producing goods and coordinating weekly refill shipments with each individual location. That in turn means forecasting and replenishing inventories for the duration of the sales window.


Oh, and we promise to never be out of stock!