Every Project Starts With 5 Questions

These questions allow us to better understand our client’s direction and needs so that we can provide them with the best experience possible.

1. Is the Project a Spot Buy or Program?

A spot buy is a one-time purchase for a single project, whereas program has repeat orders. The type of project also depends on the timeline the client has in mind. Our quick solution normally comes from our stock and can be shipped in 3 to 13 days. Our cool solution is made-to-order and are ready within 14 to 45 days.

2. What is the Quantity Needed?

We offer five options: 72 pieces, 144 pieces, 288 pieces, 576 pieces and 1200+ pieces. Our base price includes 144 pieces.

3. What is the Client’s Target MSRP Price Point?

Many suppliers cannot design to a target price point, but at T-Tycoon we can help you find the best target price point option. From $11.99 all the way to $25.99, in two dollar increments. We just need to know if your project is promotional or for resale.

4. What are the Brand Guidelines?

We’re dedicated to helping you create the garment of your dreams. To do this, we developed many print techniques that protect the integrity of your brand logo. We also offer multiple ways of embellishing garments while still maintaining brand integrity. We’re used to working with strict guidelines, so we simply ask our clients to submit their artwork along with any guidelines of which we should be aware.

5. What Garments were Previously Ordered by the Client?

Knowing what blanks our clients currently like to use lets us determine which fabric and silhouette is the best match. We want to know your history- what your favorite garment was, what worked for you in the past and what didn’t, etc. By understanding each of our client’s individual likes and dislikes, we are able to create a perfectly customized garment.

These five questions have allowed us to save both ours and our client’s time when beginning projects.

We enter projects cautiously at T-Tycoon because we want to be sure our clients are as invested as we are. These questions get us on the same page with our clients so that the entire process can be as easy and efficient as possible.