Successful brands do many things alike. At the top of that list is the primary product identifier. In clothing, it’s the neck label. You can make a case that the smallest print has the largest impact. At minimum it says this is a custom made garment directly from the brand you are supporting. It says you care. It provides a far better connection than a co-branded souvenir tee.


The basic co-branded tee destined to dwell in the drawer.

The closet companion guaranteed to be your next favorite tee.

Brand DNA Vs. FTC Requirements

The parts that are customizable we call the Brand DNA, which is where we take the unique elements of your brand and creativly infuse them into the private label. While there's a lot you can customize in the private label there are still requirements from the FTC that need to be included. 


• Your Icon/Logo/Wordmark •

• Company Tagline(s) •

• Website •

• Social Media Hashtags •

• Established Date •


• Shirt Size •

• RN Number •

• Fabric Content •

• Country of Origin •

• Care Instructions •



Free Run Rate per set of Private Label Plates purchased.

There is a one time purchase of $298.00 (A) per fabric type, but there is a free run rate for the life of the program; meaning there is no additional charge per garment for printing the private label. Once purchased your private label plates will be stored at no additional charge for rerun orders, or any order the plate is applicable*. *Applicable orders refer to no FTC required information being changed. 

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