Custom Garments

We offer Authorized Distributors high quality manufacturing of any custom apparel, private labeled to the brand or event desired. Before contracting with us or anyone claiming the ability to accomplish what your asking, accept that any experienced and knowledgeable producer of anything will tell you the key to successful, consistent manufacturing is repetition.


There's got to be some rules...

        Factor in apparel as being one of the largest remaining manufacturing sectors still largely done by hand and you begin to understand what you’re asking for... especially in a one-time delivery scenario like an event where there is no opportunity to refine the process or parts. We literally have one shot for the successful, on time delivery of your custom apparel project.

        So, after millions of dollars of custom apparel deliveries we have established a set of requirements to help ensure your custom project is accurate, at the cost projected and on time.

This is how you do it.

To begin the process, discuss the general opportunity with your Territory Manager.

It can quickly be determined whether your project is a good fit for us based on the item, time frame and minimum order quantities. If so, we will require the following:

1. Silhouette


Provide one of the following options:

     ○ professional tech pack, or technical description of your garment.

     ○ a previously manufactured sample of what you seek.

     ○ an existing pattern from our catalog.

2. Fabric


Provide one of the following options:

     ○ technical description of your desired fabric.

     ○ submit a swatch of what you seek.

     ○ choose one from our library.

3. Pantone Color Match


Decide which Pantone Color you'd like us to match your garment to.

When choosing a color be sure to select from coated colors. 

4. Embellishment


How do you need your garment decorated? Screen print, Dye Sub, Patch, Embroidery...

5. Finishing


Choose your softness type to finish your blank with wet processing washes such as Butterwash or an Enzyme Wash.

6. Trim


Going custom means you need to be ready to explain the details of the garment down to trim, such as buttons, zippers, cords, etc.

This is how we do it.


We will quote you the total cost of the project and offer a delivery window to receive. We can offer you fabric representation and color verification prior to receiving your P.O.  No sampling will be provided ahead of receiving your P.O.  Sampling will commence once we have produced the fabric and components required to complete the order.

Once all the above items have been received we will cut and sew a sample in a size of your choosing for fit purposes, and will continue to revise that sample, if necessary, until your happy. We will scale the fit up and down to cover the size range desired along standard scaling principals before proceeding to full CMT, or cut, make and trim of your order.


After producing millions of dollars of custom apparel this method has proven to be the most consistent way to successfully produce quality custom clothing as ordered, with an accurate, on time, delivery.

Tackle Can Also Mean Tackle.


Custom, quick turn clothing manufacturing is nothing to put in the hands of anyone other than a seasoned professional. Just because someone is willing to tackle your project doesn’t mean it wont tackle them, and you in the process.  A project may be accepted where cost, quality expectation or delivery times were simply not in the cards, because some corner was cut, or some timing was hoped for that it all came together. For the sake of your reputation and ours...we simply will not do that.

When examining the cost and parameters of hiring a true professional - wait until you see what an amateur can cost.