Why Pinterest? The answers are discovery, inspiration, and customer connection.


About 70% of Pinterest users actively engage in saving images and sharing with others. This makes it the perfect platform for gleaning trend information, and pinning it to your page to inspire customers.

The YourCo. Pinterest page is the perfect “go to” place for project inspiration. Integrate our ideas with your own to create “boards” that influence and inform your customers!

YourCo. Embellishment Add-Ons are a great starting place because they go beyond simple print techniques. Each one is a powerful tool that drives a stronger connection between customers and their brand.


Follow our lead to set yourself apart:


“Spring is in the air! Check out our YourCo. spring collection of private label garments.”

“Have a customer with tough brand guidelines? Tell their story from the inside out!”
“My customer has a “graffiti-themed” event coming up. I need inspiration!”
“My customer is opening a new rustic store and loves leather products. Any ideas?”

What does your customer want?  Contact us and let us inspire you!