YourCo. is a modular branding and merchandising sales tool, geared for lifestyle and souvenir garments.

Backed by the supply chain capabilities of T-Shirt Tycoon and located in the industrial district of Garland, Texas, YourCo. is the preeminent domestic private label provider to all tiers of corporate and retail distribution channels.

The YourCo. sales tool is offered exclusively to a select, controlled distribution model of resale agents and promotional distributors. Neither YourCo., nor the underlying supply chain, employ end user sales agents. We don’t sell direct.


Your Brand. Your Private Label. Always.

We only offer private label clothing because of the immense value it adds to garments. We created YourCo. for sales agents and their brand teams to showcase the benefits of private label clothing, utilizing our vast capabilities.

We chose the perspective the industry was founded on: the full-circle objective of having a brand, communicating the message and aesthetic of the brand, and delivering it through lifestyle product worn proudly in public by the target audience.


We bolstered the collection with incredibly well-organized sales kits and a support staff to manage each project into a positive private label experience. YourCo. makes the sales agent the expert, while being part of a community of authorized YourCo. agencies. We are known for delivering all quantities, having the quickest turnaround time, and offering the highest level of customization state side.

We offer a simplified single P.O., design to ship, private label solution.

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Adam Walterscheid
The T-Tycoon