Your Competitive Advantage

What is YourCo.?

YourCo. is a modular branding and merchandising solution geared for lifestyle and souvenir garments.

It’s backed by the domestic supply chain capabilities of T-Shirt Tycoon Solutions, Inc. located in the industrial district of Garland, Texas. The pre-eminent state side private label provider to all tiers of corporate and retail distribution channels.

The YourCo. Solution is offered exclusively through a controlled distribution model of a select group of sales agents, service providers, license holders, ASI / PPAI distributors, and Outfitters.

Neither YourCo., or the underlying supply chain employ end user sales agents. We don’t sell direct.

YourCo. is Private Label. ALWAYS. EVERY TIME.

Being that we only offer private label, we decided to show you how we would do it. So we created the YourCo. brand for our sales agents and their brand teams to showcase our garments utilizing our vast capabilities.

We chose the perspective the industry was founded on…the full circle objective of making a brand, well communicating the message and aesthetic of the brand, then delivering it through on-trend garments worn proudly in public by any brands target audience. We then married the collection with seriously well-organized sales tools and a support staff to control the private label experience.

YourCo. makes the sales person the expert…while being part of a community of authorized YourCo. agencies known for delivering the smallest quantities, quickest turn times, and highest customization.

Opposite of your routine… In a full package, design to ship, single PO domestic private label solution.

“We Don’t Always Make the Garment – We Always Make the Garment Better”

Successful brands do many things alike. At the top of that list is the primary product identifier. In clothing, that’s the neck label. You can make a case that the smallest print has the biggest impact. At minimum, it says this an item worthy of your branding. This is why people support brands. You learn to count on them.

Every YourCo. garment comes with your own PRIVATE LABEL. ALWAYS. EVERY TIME.

YourCo. was created to provide major corporations, licensees, retailers, brand owners, and event purchasers of apparel, a way to “break the routine” of having to order a blank garment from one source, hire a designer who may not know all the ins and outs of retail quality screen printing, then finding a capable contract screen printer who can execute your designer’s vision accurately. Then there’s the issue of reorders and fill-ins, when various contractors can’t be relied upon for product consistency. The traditional model makes it nearly impossible to sell the same garment, in the same color, at about the same price, printed the same way, to the same people at the same time.

YourCo. is a “One P.O. Solution”

Top to bottom, out the door, with one organization that executes the required process on over a million garments a year for the biggest names on the planet. YourCo. offers QUICK (in stock and/or altered) and COOL (made to order) solutions.

The YourCo. QUICK solution offers over 27 ways to print a logo without offending the brand police. Our Embellishment Add-On list of print techniques will simply blow your mind whether you’re looking for conservative branding or loud exclamations of brand attitude. All are easily priced and quoted using our published Base Price formula.

Need something custom? The YourCo. COOL solution of made-to-order apparel includes the above-mentioned Embellishment Add-Ons combined with garment customization through cut, sew, dye, and finishing. Domestic or best shore options are available relative to the specifics of each project.

If you were to sum up the YourCo. solution into one word, it would have to be ALTERATION.

To ALTER means we could dye or tint a stock item to a custom or proprietary color or retail finish. We could just simply soften (Butter Wash) a good garment to tri-blend level or take an inexpensive carded cotton garment and soften it up to a quality proposition. The options are endless…we could add a color blocked or custom printed pocket. Your design could be printed on, above, under or across the pocket. Our default printing method is WATERBASE/ DISCHARGE, resulting in the absolute softest print known to man. This method allows us to print across zippers, seams, hems and trims without a care. Altered means we can distress or vintage a garment in several ways.


We do this better than any known domestic manufacturer or supply chain.

YourCo. employs a staff of creative and technical designers who understand the intricacies of translating art concepts to fabric. We have a state of the art Design and Embellishment center where the ideas are both conceived and applied to the garment. We have our own Dye and Finishing House where textiles are transformed from good to great. We have our own Cut and Sew shop where garments can be modified, dissected, and augmented. By the way, this is all located within a 5 mile footprint of our headquarters.


When correctly orchestrated by a YourCo. team member, this supply chain allows us to alter stock garments in any numbers of ways to end up with a completely original, correctly branded piece that fits your co. profile and the requisite ROI.

ROI, or “return on investment”, isn’t just a boring term from your high school economics class. Spend money and you should expect a return. You get to decide: stick with your current supply chain and see those invested branding dollars end up in the bottom of a drawer, or partner with YourCo. and watch your product turn into a walking billboard proudly sported in positive exposure environments. Your investment will be hand picked out of the end-user’s closet time and time again. It’s why we say, “Move from the Drawer, to the Closet”!

YourCo. does not have a traditional sales staff. We choose to be an exclusive supply chain partner for a select group of distributors and authorized agents meeting certain criteria who refer their projects to us for execution. Our top-level partners are called YourCo. Outfitters. Get into this club and our entire operation is at your fingertips. Geographical protection, dedicated inside project managers, free art/presentations, special pricing, calendared projects, and proprietary digital sales tools like our Showroom technology. The list of Outfitter benefits goes on and on.

Is your supply chain in this league?